Our case is a best-seller!

Every year we create a list of the most popular cases, based on unit sales from The Case Centre catalogue during the preceding calendar year. The list includes the top fifteen best-selling cases in each of the ten major subject areas. At the same time we review our classic case collection. All cases that are over ten years old are eligible. The top bestsellers in each subject category and the free case category, based on the number of individual organisations ordering and teaching the case over the last five years, are included. I am delighted to inform you that the case(s) in the attached spreadsheet are in this years list(s). This information will be published on our website on 29 January and included in the product record of each of the bestselling and classic cases in our online product database. It will also be highlighted in a mailing to our customers, and across our social media channels. We’ll also be notifying the authors on 28 January 2021 and they’ll be able to download a certificate by logging in to the Product portfolio section of their account on our website. Don’t forget, 5 February 2021 is #WorldCaseTeachingDay - a day of involvement and participation for the entire case community. We’re looking forward to hearing from people around the world so don’t forget to tag #WorldCaseTeachingDay and mention us in your posts on social media. For inspiration and to find out what happened last year check out the video on YouTube. You can also download a PDF poster to promote the day. Visit www.worldcaseteachingday.org for more information.