Unilever in Brazil (1997-2007): Marketing Strategies for Low-Income Consumer (Portuguese)

Portuguese Portugal , English , Spanish

  • Reference: INSEAD-5188PT-PP

  • Year: 1996

  • Number of pages: 23

  • Publication Date: Jan 2, 2013

  • Source: INSEAD (France)

  • Type of Document: Case

  • Industry Setting: Home and Personal care

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Unilever is a leading brand of detergent powder in Brazil, with a share price of 81%. Laercio Cardoso must decide (1) whether Unilever should divert money from its premium brands to reach the segment of low-income consumers, (2) whether Unilever can reposition and extend one of its current brands so that it does not have to launch a new brand , and (3) what price, product, promotion and distribution strategy would enable Unilever to deliver value to low-income consumers without having to drastically dismantle their own premium brands.


Advertising Branding Brazil Break-even analysis Detergent Distribution Guimaraes Low-income consumers Marketing Media support New product introduction Poor Poverty Powder Pricing Product Promotion Unilever